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Penguin Leisure Limited was started by Alan White in March 1994. Back then, Penguin Leisure mainly serviced domestic pools in and around London and the Home Counties. Jump forward a couple of decades to when Chloe White, Alan’s daughter, joined the team at Penguin Leisure, and things start to look very different.

Under Chloe’s leadership, Penguin Leisure has grown to include the servicing and maintenance of large commercial pool complexes and added a refurbishment service. This wider mission has brought new challenges to our business, but it has also provided us with a much larger body of experience on which to hone our skills.

 In 1994, Alan had a vision of people getting the most out of their pools and worked to make it a reality. We still want people to get the most out of their pools, and we’re still working to make that happen – just on a much larger scale.

" Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. "
- William A. Foster


Penguin Leisure engineers deliver top class results for a diverse range of domestic and commercial pool projects from the very simple to the incredibly complex. Each pool is unique, and we are committed to treating it as such. That means providing a high quality, tailor-made service that is truly bespoke for each individual client.


Customer care at Penguin Leisure means putting the customer first, each and every time. That was true in 1994, and it is true today. We look after our existing customers, ensuring their pool maintenance and servicing needs are fully met, while integrating new clients into our well-established routines and schedules. This might sound like a delicate balancing act, but it is one we have perfected. Modern consumers are aware of their right to a high standard of customer care and that is exactly what they get when they choose to work with Penguin Leisure.


Our sister company, Penguin Leisure Construction Limited specialise in building and refurbishing luxury swimming pools and spas. With over 30 years of experience, they have the credentials and expertise to create any type of pool and spa regardless of style, plant technology or size.